1/2017. Nominated for Catchlight Fellowship.
1/2017. Nominated for the Magnum Foundation Fund.

11/2016. The Spirit of Our Time in HUCK Magazine's Photo Issue.

9/2016. Awarded a Light Work AIR for 2017.

6/2016. Five San Francisco Chefs for SF Magazine. (August, 2016.)
6/2016. Make A Wish Foundation for ESPN The Magazine. (July, 2016.)

5/2016. Jeff Kositsky, for SF Magazine. 
5/2016. Jerry Elster and Sarah Shourd for SF Magazine. 

3/2016. Essay on Fritz Haeg for The New York Times Style Magazine.
3/2016. Pastor Yul Dorn for San Francisco Magazine.

2/2016. The Spirit of Our Time nominated for the Baum Award for Emerging American Photographers.

1/2016. Moved to Vallejo, California.